Jenny Herrick  |  Recontres Internationales Paris/Berlin Submission

"La Cordura"

Translates to The Sanity

24-hour loop, proposal for a two-channel video installation, 2017


“La Cordura,” which translates to “The Sanity,” is a two channel, 24-hour, single-take video in which a camera was pointed directly at the sky from a point on the equator outside of Quito, Ecuador. The ensuing video traces a line around the Earth’s circumference. I envision this piece being displayed on two large, opposite walls, each projection offset by 12 hours from the other so that when it is noon in one, it is midnight on the opposite wall. The sounds from both night and day can be heard simultaneoulsy as the viewer is asked to contemplate the simple action of the Earth's rotation within the universe.

installation view

diagram of video/performance

three clips from footage

The Project 3: "Limits of a Function"

2 hours, 53 minutes, single channel video, 2015


Below are clips from a video in which a single sheet of paper is folded, unfolded and refolded until it falls apart, 1 hour and 26 minutes later. Nothing specific is ever constructed throughout the single shot, and there is often a sense of uncertainty in the movement of the hands. Once the paper falls apart, the video repeats in reverse, and it becomes unclear if time is moving forward or in reverse; if the goal is construction of deconstruction. 


three clips from footage