Jenny Herrick  |  Recontres Internationales Paris/Berlin Submission


5 minute loop, proposal for a two-channel video installation, 2017


"Duel" is a two-channel video installation in which the footage is mirrored and projected by two projectors, one image on top of another. A single, loud gunshot reverberates throughout a room, and the associated smoke then slowly emerges, fills the screen and finally dissipates over a period of 5 minutes. The action then repeats. At times, the smoke appears light and ephemeral while at others, it appears almost liquid. The piece depicts an action that is at once both extremely violent (the sound of the gun-shot can be felt) and hypnotically beautiful, calling to question culture’s bizarre glorification of and infatuation with violence, while simultaneously asking the viewer to consider the democracy of a gun shot. (The piece was made in response to an incident in 2006 in which the artist's husband, a photojournalist embedded with the US Army in Iraq, was shot twice by a sniper while taking photographs. He made a full recovery.)

installation view

video footage

Made possible by to Enrique Del Rios, Cinematography and Clairemont Camera, equipment.